I just uploaded a new video to Youtube:

This video shows you how to build your own Star Wars Ascii Animation Player. This Arduino sketch is playing back Simon Jansen’s brilliant ASCII animation of Star Wars on a tiny 2.2″ LCD Screen. The animation is stored on the SPIFFS flash filesytem of an ESP8266 micro controller and runs standalone without WiFi.

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GTH Trailer

I just uploaded the Go To Hellmann Youtube Channel Trailers…

It’s a quick introduction to my past projects. Some of them will be made available here in 2021. Stay tuned!

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Installing this little bugger above proved to be some kind of a challenge. I needed to run this LTO 8 tape drive as an LTFS Backup drive under Windows 10. Unfortunatly the LTFS drivers for Window 10 Pro and Windows Server 2019 are not available on the german or english…

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This is my personal bloging website about my projects and things. I’ll be updating it with some new content in the near future.