LTO 8 – LTFS Nightmares

LTO 8 – LTFS Nightmares
LTO 8 Drive
Overland Tandberg LTO 8 Drive

Installing this little bugger above proved to be some kind of a challenge. I needed to run this LTO 8 tape drive as an LTFS Backup drive under Windows 10. Unfortunatly the LTFS drivers for Window 10 Pro and Windows Server 2019 are not available on the german or english Overland/Tandberg websites, but the dreaded IBM LTO 8 Tape driver pops up everywhere on the web. Do not install this IBMTape driver! Once installed you will not be able to install the correct LTFS drivers anymore.

Here is a link to the correct combined LTFS and LTO driver package on the Japanese Overland/Tandberg website (Windows 10 x64):

More Infos here:

This could have been a smoother ride, but hey!… works now…